Who remembers watching a tv show about mice it started with a older mouse reading a story and then zooming into a little door where little mice would be does anyone know what it's called?

Answer Turquoise.

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If i pranked called someone what does it mean by you're phonecall has been traces?

if the person has caller I.D. , it's not too hard to catch onto you!!!

If i called someone and it cut off, would they receive a missed call?

If you get the number in and press call and starts ringing then yes if not no

What do it mean when your clitoris is a little swallow and it itch a little?

Someone just called me a sick pig. Does that mean I have Swine Flu?

lmao...if u experience chills...and sickly thats probly a syptom....but sick pig maybe means ur just being a pervert...need more details...