What would it cost to insure a Maserati?

Answer This cannot be answered without knowing the age of the insurer, his/her gender, driving record, where they live, etc.

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What would it cost to insure a car?

AnswerIts according to what kind of insurance you get. My very first year with my linceses,I only paid $50 va month. But soon after that 1st year, it shot up to $300 a month.try this site where you... Read More »

What would it cost monthly for a 16 year old with a clean driving record to insure a turbo car?

Answer Alot think about what your parents pay then triple it

What is the lowest cost vehicle to insure?

According to Insure's annual review, the least expensive 2010 model car to insure is the Mazda Tribute I (two-wheel drive). It is followed by the Honda Odyssey LX. Rounding out the top five are the... Read More »

What Is the Average Cost to Insure a Teenage Driver?

Insurance costs for a teenage driver can vary wildly due to circumstances. For a teenager who has taken no driver's ed and does not have good grades, the average cost is about $1,000 every six mon... Read More »