What would happened if I dyed my hair blonde if I have red/brown hair?

Answer No actually if you have reddish hair or even brown dying it blonde yourself will most likely turn it a orange color, go with a light brown that is a cool shade to tone down the reddish color.

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What color would my dark brown hair turn if i dyed it with a blonde box dye?

if your hair is alreadly brown, use a medium blonde dye to get your hair light brown! I used a medium blonde on my black hair and it helped me achieve a dark brown! Read More »

Dyed red hair to blonde?

What's the point of dying your hair if you're only keeping it in for 2weeks...Anyways, it depends on your natural color. The red might make you have to bleach it--ask a hairstylist about it and if ... Read More »

How to Keep Dyed Blonde Hair Moisturized?

While blonde hair may be an exciting and new change for you, the bleach you used likely damaged your hair. Hair that has been damaged from bleach is dry, frizzy and prone to breakage. Having hair t... Read More »

How to Bleach Dyed Black Hair to Platinum Blonde?

Everyone makes mistakes, but when it comes to your hair it can be tricky to remove that once exciting dark color of which you've grown tired. Changing your hair from the darkest black to a flawless... Read More »