What would happen to the world if Google broke down?

Answer We now have "Bing" and K.G.B. to ask questions to so we're good to go. Google isn't the only source of info and if those go do there is always the good old encyclopedia.Peace, Love & Happiness

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What would happen if i broke someones leg?

It would depend on whether your response was reasonable. The fact that this person was already down on the floor when you broke their leg doesn't look good unless they were such a threat to you tha... Read More »

What would happen if you broke your leg and didn't get it treated?

The bone wouldn't heal correctly and you would probably walk with a limp.If the broken bone came through the skin you could get a bad infection.Either way it would be painful.

Just out of curiosity...what did it feel like when your water broke Where did it happen?

First of all Congratulations! And i completely understand you being nervous! I was over due by 8 days when my water broke, i felt like i pee'd my pants. I was at my husbands grandparents house for ... Read More »

My Google is broke..?

Type what you want in the search box and the search button and wait. (But don't click on jump)