What would happen to the embryo if it didn't have amniotic fluid around it?

Answer The embryo/fetus would die.

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Why doesn't embryo suffocate in amniotic fluid?

The umbilical cord carries oxygen directly to the babys blood stream from the mothers. It's a bit like a deep sea diver breathing apparatus - the oxygen tank is the mums blood and the lungs are byp... Read More »

What would happen if i didnt eat for a whole week?

You wud lose a lotta weight (muscles) and be dehydrated.

If I am leaking amniotic fluid, what would it look like?

I don't think it's amniotic fluid because first of all at 12 weeks there's not enough amniotic fluid to leak and still stay pregnant. Secondly during pregnancy and especially during the first trime... Read More »

Did you have an amniotic fluid leak What did it look like?

You are almost there, so it could be your amniotic fluid, I did not see mine, I was in the hospital, and they had to break my water, when I was about to deliver, so my husband and the doctors saw e... Read More »