What would happen to our health if we ate 100% wild?

Answer Eating wild is good for you. We all would lose alot of weight and feel much better. I am Alaska native and where I lived, we had plenty of wild game and fish and you could eat all the wild plants t... Read More »

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How to Catch Wild Kittens and Wild Cats?

Its really hard to catch wild kittens and wild cats. Here is a way to catch wild kittens and wild cats!!!!

How do you hack wild ones without wild ones?

What will happen to your computer screen if you leave it on all night and what will happen to the computer it?

Its OK to do this every once in a while but regular occurrences will lead to screen burn which will ruin your Monitor, over-heating which will burn the elements in your fan and general scorching of... Read More »

Can your health insurance company force your spouse to take her employer's health plan as primary instead of yours?

Coordination of Benefits Yes, under the standard Coordination of Benefits provisions contained within Group Health Plans, the "rules" to determine which coverage pays first (primary) are clearly st... Read More »