What would happen to me if I drunk a pint of vinegar?

Answer I would imagine it would result in excessive acid in your stomach. I got a virus like that. It's nasty...and quite painful.

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What would happen if you snorted vinegar?

What will happen if you put vinegar in a open cut?

vinegar is an antiseptic and if you put it on an open cut it will sting but, it will reduce the swelling of the cut (or cuts) and will cause healing.

What will happen to my body if i got drunk alot?

Cirrhosis of the liver for one. Malnutrition is another and let's not forget esophageal varicies. The last one is where the blood vessels in your esophagus rupture and you begin vomiting up blood.... Read More »

What would happen if a person drunk a whole bottle of shampoo?

They would get really sick, get some kind of poisoning. Then , you would have to call poison control. Not a good idea.