What would happen to a pregnant woman in a coma?

Answer Very Interesting :] ***** 5 StarsThe Baby Can Survive They Just Have To Give The Mother A Tube Because The Mother Is Still Breathing x :]Hope I Helped.

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Does every pregnant woman's basal body temperature go up or is this just one thing that can happen while pregnant?

Answer It is standard. Your basal temperature initially lowers to indicate you are ovulating. A spike in temperature during the middle of your cycle indicates that you have finished ovulating.When ... Read More »

What would happen if a pregnant woman was attacked?

That late it would. It be called a miscarriage, but a still birth. She would go into labor and deliver the baby. It's possible te baby would be survived. I think they would just have to monitor her... Read More »

What will happen if a pregnant woman swallows horse sperm?

Nothing. She will digest it just as she would any other food.

Would a woman still get her period if she's in a coma?

Yup - you still get it. You still wee and poo as well. You get cleaned up :)That's what the nurse is for.