What would happen if you won free groceries for an entire year?

Answer I would shop so it could last me a decade lol

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What would happen to a 17 year old who got a 14 year old pregnant?

It will vary according to the laws of the state or country that they are in. It could be considered a sex crime in many places, but some locations have close in age exceptions or defenses.

What would happen to an 18 year old if he got a 13 year old pregnant?

What would happen to video tapes if you stored them away for year or so?

A year or so...nothing will really happen but just get dusty.After a year and going on a few years...they will deteriorate.Just keep them away from warm and moist enviroments.Case them or put them ... Read More »

If you were FORCED to watch just ONE televison series for an entire year, which show would you choose?

SIMPSONSSSSSwell theres nothing else is there :OOOOOO