What would happen if you won free groceries for an entire year?

Answer I would shop so it could last me a decade lol

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Are you an extreme Couponer Do you know how to get nearly-free groceries?

I wouldnt say I'm an "extreme" couponer but I'm pretty darn close i guess lol What i do is right before grocery day i google the items i need to see if there are coupons available online especiall... Read More »

How to Find Enough Grocery Coupons So That the Groceries Are Free?

Families are turning more and more to coupons to save money on rising grocery bills during hard economic times. Grocery stores often double coupons under a certain amount and it really can pay to c... Read More »

Was the entire series of Prison Break set in the year 2005?

Websites say the series occurred within 8 months before skipping 4 years ahead at the end of the final episode.

In state of North Carolina what can happen to a Pregnant 16 year old girl that slept with a 21 year old man?

Answer the parents of the girl can sue the 21 year old. nothing can happen to the girl, as it is always the guy's fault when underage.