What would happen if you were to be hit in the stomach while pregnant?

Answer Answer It could cause damage to your unborn child. Some women's babies have died due to them (the mother) being hit in the stomach while pregnant.

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If you douche twice while pregnant what would happen?

Answer My doctor has informed me that douching anytime even when you are not pregnant is not good for you. It is something that women done a long time ago & mothers taught their daughters. There is... Read More »

What would happen if you were pregnant but you didn't know it and you did sit ups?

Answer If you're asking if sit ups will cause a miscarriage, generally they won't -- especially early in the pregnancy. But everyone is different. Everyone's bodies are different. If you experie... Read More »

If your mother found out you were pregnant what would happen to the baby?

Depends on your age. As early as 14, mom can not tell you what to do with you child. Your decision is yours and yours alone. But, having a child is a huge responsibilty at any age. Make sure your r... Read More »

Would anything happen to the baby if you didnt know you were pregnant and you dyed your hair?