What would happen if you used some sperm from a condom that was 2 days old?

Answer nothing would happen once the sperm hits air it dies

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What would happen if you gave a sperm donor then got a sex change into a woman and took the sperm donor back and used it?

I guess you would have a child exactly like you! Maybe even twins! I don't actually think anyone has ever tried this but maybe sometime they will and then you can find out the answer. Hope my answe... Read More »

What are the chances I'm pregnant if i had sex four days after my period and my parenter used a condom?

Can a women get pregnant from stealing condom sperm?

Can you be pregnant if he used a condom but you got nauseated after 4 or 5 days?

Answer Of course if would be possible for you to get pregnant using any type of birth control and that includes a condom. Nothing is 100% fool proof. If you are pregnant than you need to view the ... Read More »