What would happen if you snort a Pixy Stick?

Answer hahaha..its for the poor kids.

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How to Eat a Pixy Stick?

The most delicious snack in the world tastes best eaten right.

How do you get rid of pixy fairies and dragons of satan out of your house?

GODDAMMIT!! It's spreading!!!! It thought this was only happening to my house!! Oh sh*t!! Call this number bro, 564-4586, its f*cking Chuck Norris. He got rid of mine. He keeps some type of 'resist... Read More »

Is it ok to snort vicodin?

Most of a vicodin tablet is acetaminophen. It's really no advantage to snort that. If you could easily separate the two, that would be different. In the mean time, just eat it. You can bite int... Read More »

How to Install Snort on Ubuntu?

Snort is an open-source intrusion prevention system (IPS) for Linux, UNIX, and Windows. This type of software monitors, alerts, and prevents malicious or suspicious activity in network applications... Read More »