What would happen if you put flea medicine on a person?

Answer It goes by body weight. So it wouldn't do anything.

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How Does Flea Medicine Work?

There are a number of different forms, chemicals and medications that are used in flea treatments for pets. These medications are similar, but perform in different ways to eliminate flea infestatio... Read More »

Which flea medicine is the best for a dog's treatment?

On One Hand: Advantage is Safer for Younger AnimalsAdvantage's active ingredient is imidacloprid. This drug is applied topically and stops fleas from biting within three to five minutes of applica... Read More »

Side Effects of Flea Medicine?

Pet owners will do nearly anything to ensure the comfort and safety of their furry friends. Fleas must be treated, of course, but a flea problem is something that can be misdiagnosed by pet owners.... Read More »

Frontline Flea Medicine Information?

Fleas are the bane of many pet owners. Fleas not only cause itching and sometimes allergic reactions in pets, but they can also lead to worms if ingested orally. Fleas can also infest all parts of ... Read More »