What would happen if you put flea medicine on a person?

Answer It goes by body weight. So it wouldn't do anything.

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What would happen if I didn't finish all my medicine.?

it doesn't correct the cause, so expect more of them.

What would happen if you drank a whole bottle of cough medicine?

It truly depends on the size of the bottle and the ingredients...if there are antihistamines in it? You'g get very sleepy, could possibly affect your respiratory status.If it contains a narcotic l... Read More »

What would happen to me if I do this to a person I hate?

I think It's not a good idea.If u think there's no such thing as true peace! As long as we live in this cursed world, peace is impossible! Then........I'll break that curse. If there is such a thin... Read More »

Would would happen to a person if they took pain killers without needing them?