What would happen if you planted a cactus in wet clay soil?

Answer It would probably die as it is an alien environment.

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What would the best soil and care for a san Pedro cactus?

san Pedro being a cactus should have a fast draining soil, i usually mix half commercial potting mix with sand and maybe some diatomaceous earth or pumice to increase the drainage if your ambitious... Read More »

What would happen to the fertility of a soil if all decomposer's were removed?

It would not be soil anymore it would be some minerals.P.S. Can't believe i got to answer my Q haha lol rotfl.WOAH! i cant believe all the question's ive asked are EXACTLY from my 6th grade science... Read More »

What is clay soil?

Soil is a mixture of sand, silt, clay and organic matter particles. Soil is categorized as clay soil when more than 50 percent of its particles are clay. Clay soil tends to crack when it dries out.... Read More »

In what kind of soil does a cactus grow best?

Cactus plants tolerate a range of soils. But they have two preferences. They favor free draining soils, since their body parts are adapted to moisture deprived environments. They also favor soils t... Read More »