What would happen if you illuminate your house plants with a green light bulb?

Answer Oh my God. I am taking biology and the lab has these post lab questions and in page 129 has the very same question you are asking. What a coincidence that we are both trying to answer this specific... Read More »

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What is the best type of light bulb to use in art lights to illuminate fine art?

An LED light bulb is best. They don't produce ultraviolet light, which fades art.- - - - - The best bulb to illuminate an art piece is a standard energy saving lightbulb. Also there are specially m... Read More »

What will happen if put a light bulb in a light with the incorrect wattage?

Go purchase 75 Watt or lower. The 100's will give off more heat and be brighter, but may cause damage if they are covered or surrounded by material that can handle the heat coming off of 75 watt b... Read More »

What would happen if you use a 300W regular light bulb in a table lamp that says 100W maximum?

Answer 1 If you are lucky, it may last long enough for you to get it turned back off, or pull the plug out of the socket.ALL electrical devices are designed to safely carry only a specified amount ... Read More »

Type of light that would illuminate a wall?

Look into track lighting. The track would be mounted on the ceiling and the fixtures could be aimed at the wall. Depending on the fixture, you can get colored filters and / or colored bulbs.