What would happen if you got pee in your anus?

Answer You would have a urine enema....same concept different form of delivering the fluid.

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What would happen if you Urinated in someones anus?

I'm guessing there is more than one web site devoted entirely to this issue..but i aint gonna go look.Is it possible to urinate if you are hard enough to penetrate an anus/rectum, wtfe.

If you had glass in your foot how would your body fight it and what would happen?

Hi1- it would be painful2- inflammation, redness, possible discharge with the possibility of infection present3- over time the area could cover itself up if the glass was small enough, however it w... Read More »

What would happen if you put a nerd in your ear?

Never allow. The dirt can infect your ear.

What would happen if you stuck your hand in dry ice?

Your skin begins to blister. It is like a burn exceept itt is actually frost bite. If you keep it on too long, your skin will turn black and die.