What would happen if you drank coke and had a mentos?

Answer Nothing really. Yo might have an upset stomach. Unless you drank a 2 liter and then had like a whole pack of mentos. Then you would probably throw up.

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What would happen to me if instead of drinking two litres of water a day i drank 2 litres of coke?

First you will start to become dehydrated. Caffeine has that affect on the body.Second you would start to gain weight due to all of the calories in the coke.You might get jittery or have nervious p... Read More »

What would happen if someone drank ink?

What would happen if i drank liter fluid?

Throat burns , stomach burns , all sorts of damage to your body. My advice is DON'T DO IT ............

What would happen if you drank a bottle of tears?

You would get a salty taste in your mouth.--Primarily salt water, you know. Generally harmless--We swallow our own all day , every day.