What would happen if u were to smoke the herbs that are inside the tea bags?

Answer No because when you drink something it gets into your blood stream and smokeing it will have a differant effect, it is absobed differantly. I don't think it will actally do anything to you apart fr... Read More »

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Can I grow herbs inside?

On One Hand: You Could Buy SeedlingsHerbs make an excellent indoor garden. You can purchase healthy seedlings and have an instant garden. Watering and feeding will be the only chores you need to pe... Read More »

Natural Herbs to Smoke in Place of Tobacco?

Whether you are someone who has never smoked before, or are a 10-year tobacco user looking for something to fill the void, there are herbal alternatives which may suit you. Numerous herbs are sold ... Read More »

Can you smoke certain "kitchen herbs" as drug alternatives?

I think what you are talking about is salvia:…There is also khat...but it is illegal for people to import it, so hard to find. Read More »

How do you smoke medicinal herbs, do you just roll them like you do with weed?

Why smoke it? When you can make a tea from the herb mix instead. Smoking can cause damage to your respiratory system. You didn't say if you got it from a certified herbalist, nor what you need to u... Read More »