What would happen if u were to smoke the herbs that are inside the tea bags?

Answer No because when you drink something it gets into your blood stream and smokeing it will have a differant effect, it is absobed differantly. I don't think it will actally do anything to you apart fr... Read More »

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What would happen if i smoke weed?

you would die. Nah just playing but if you need to turn to a chemical to make you happy that is not true happiness. It will start out as just smoking pot occasionally, then it will progress into an... Read More »

What would happen if....(details inside)....?

They want the truth!!!????They CANT HANDLE the truth!!!

What would happen if i hooked 4ohm speakers up to a 5.1 surround reciever that the original speakers were 8ohm?

You'll have to be careful not to turn them up too loud, because they may draw more current than your receiver is designed for. If this is a stand alone receiver, you have less to be worried about t... Read More »

What would happen if I were to get shot in the brain?

I think if you hit a certain spot, you could die. But if you hita little part of your brain it could mean braid damage ( retard)