What would happen if u made a hole in a normal spider bite?

Answer Thats incredibly stupid. But since im incredibly bored, ill answer it anyways. Nothing will happen but perhaps a small amount of blood and even smaller amount of clear liquid may come out of it. Th... Read More »

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Uhh... I got bite (spider bite) on my private spot and i would like to know if it's poisonis?

Probably not. Depends where you live. If you're in the UK, then there are no poisonous spiders that just roam around (except for some very few, rare times). It is much more likely that it is red ju... Read More »

I have a spider bite, i think...its verry small and one little black hole?

Brown recluse spider and black widow spiders are poisonous. To know more about spider bites go to this website.

What would happen if you swallowed a spider?

Assuming the spider is not poisonous, nothing will happen.

How do you know if you have a spider bite and what would it look like?