What would happen if there was no more Wikipedia?

Answer GEE! What a loss! I dont think I could live without that worthless crap! Their sometimes worthless, misleading and sometimes incorrect data? I doubt the world would miss them much

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What would happen if someone deleted all the information on a Wikipedia page?

remember the rule, always save your work? wikis do just that. they re-post the content and block you. with a million adult editors the four year old doesn't stand a chance. not like this site.

What would happen if I took more paracetamol?

You must wait for 4 hours before you take more paracetamol. If you overdose then it can affect your kidneys.............

What would happen if there was no google?

Most likely Encyclopedias and Libraries would still rule the world of information search and retreival.After all, all the information in the world is useless if there's no means to quantify, access... Read More »

Would anything happen if I were to edit a wikipedia page and put butt hole?

Depends. Are you logged in when you make that edit?If yes, then your edit will be reverted by a robot in less than a few minutes and you will get a stern vandalism warning on your user talk page an... Read More »