What would happen if the school found out...?

Answer This question would probably best be served in an other catagory. Like others have said it depends on the schools policies, it could be as little as a "don't do that again" to something like a susp... Read More »

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What would happen to you and the world if they found out one day that Bob Barker had died?

If your mother found out you were pregnant what would happen to the baby?

Depends on your age. As early as 14, mom can not tell you what to do with you child. Your decision is yours and yours alone. But, having a child is a huge responsibilty at any age. Make sure your r... Read More »

What would happen to my lawn mower if I would to use while it was raining?

Nothing really, grass tends to stick to the under-body of the mower when it is wet and this will in-turn slow the blade resulting in an unclean cut and a general loss of power.

What would happen if i did not have spyware protection on my pc how long would it take to get infected?

It depends on the person using the device.Novice:Couple of Weeks.Average User:Infected within 3 months or more, has his/hers knowledge of computers.Professional:About 7 months.Viruses and Malware c... Read More »