What would happen if the lungs did not work properly?

Answer On One Hand: Smoking and Air PollutionThe lungs link respiration with the circulatory system, bringing oxygen to the blood cells and releasing carbon dioxide from the body. Without proper lung func... Read More »

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I smoked 1/4 of a cigarette for the first time, what will happen to my lungs?

What would happen if you swollowed food and it somehow ended up in your lungs?

It's called aspiration pneumonia. It is anatomically possible -- because not all the food particles (or liquids) are so small that you'd choke. Here's an "official" definition:Aspiration pneumonia... Read More »

I slept in front of a dusty fan last night. Now my lungs hurt. Could the pain in my lungs be from the fan?

You'll be okay just for laughs go to the doc and ask him but yea it happens sometimes by accident. GL!!!😄

Why does my cable work properly with one TV, but not another?

Cable carries 2 through 13 as the over air channels did before going digital, which is why her set gets those FEW. You need to configure the tuner in HER set to be "cable ready" as opposed to "over... Read More »