What will happen if the earth stop rotating?

Answer I believe that wherever the sun will beam upon will cause the people to either suffer or genetically change due to the sunlight. The environment would be more drier and water would be scarce in the... Read More »

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What would happen if everyone in the world stopped killing animals?

What Would Happen If the Internet Stopped Working All Around The World?

Most people probably would be more annoyed than scared because they would think just their connection wasn't working. People probably wouldn't notice that it had happened to everyone until about 10... Read More »

Im on 250mg of zoloft and 10 mg of abilify what would happen if i stopped taking it cold turkey?

zoloft iw as on 100mg and stopped taking them completely and i was a mess- constantly on the verge of tears, light headed, suicidal urges, i cut for the first time in years and everything was frigh... Read More »

What would happen if tomorrow was the last day for ALL cars on earth?

I would ride a horse. Not as much horse power than a car but I would get to where I was going.