What would happen if my house is underinsured?

Answer It depends on your policy form and by how much you're underinsured. Often, "coinsurance" applies, and you could find that if you suffer a loss, your claim might be reduced because you're underinsur... Read More »

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What would happen if you illuminate your house plants with a green light bulb?

Oh my God. I am taking biology and the lab has these post lab questions and in page 129 has the very same question you are asking. What a coincidence that we are both trying to answer this specific... Read More »

If a mother throws her son out of the home and he is dropped off at his father's house but his father has no custudy yet what would happen to the child during this process?

Answer In most cases (if the father wanted the child) the child could live with the father and the father should be seeing a lawyer to get full custody. If both parents don't want the child (becau... Read More »

What are uninsured&underinsured insurance?

If you have been shopping for auto insurance, you have likely heard of uninsured and underinsured motorist coverages. These coverages represent critical parts of a car insurance policy, and can pro... Read More »

What would happen to my lawn mower if I would to use while it was raining?

Nothing really, grass tends to stick to the under-body of the mower when it is wet and this will in-turn slow the blade resulting in an unclean cut and a general loss of power.