What would happen if i quit work to go back on benefits?

Answer In time, you'll forget what a work ethic is and how to work with others, and you won't be able to adequately perform in a job that will support you now and in the future. In short, you'll become a... Read More »

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What would happen if the lungs did not work properly?

On One Hand: Smoking and Air PollutionThe lungs link respiration with the circulatory system, bringing oxygen to the blood cells and releasing carbon dioxide from the body. Without proper lung func... Read More »

If i quit smoking, what will i expect to happen?

What will happen to my student loan if i quit uni?

You will have to repay it, then if you reapply in 2 years, you apply for the loan again.

What would happen if you gave a sperm donor then got a sex change into a woman and took the sperm donor back and used it?

I guess you would have a child exactly like you! Maybe even twins! I don't actually think anyone has ever tried this but maybe sometime they will and then you can find out the answer. Hope my answe... Read More »