What would happen if i drink alcohol while on antibiotics?

Answer the antibiotic won't work so your infection will not be treated and you could feel sick

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Can you drink alcohol while using antibiotics?

On One Hand: Combining Antibiotics and Alcohol Can be DoneAcohol does not reduce the effectiveness of most antibiotics, according to the Mayo Clinic. However, alcohol can increase your risk of side... Read More »

Can you drink alcohol while on antibiotics?

Sure you can drink. Just don't drink anything with alcohol in it. That would be incredibly stupid.

What would happen if you drink a cap full of rubbing alcohol?

A cap full would probably just make you hurl. I knew a woman years ago who drank herself to death and near the end she was drinking rubbing alcohol. It's about the same as drinking pure grain alc... Read More »

What will happen if you leave cat antibiotics out of the refrigerator for 6 hours?

It depends on the temperature of the house. They can decrease in strength a little. The hotter it is, the faster this happens. It also depends how much is in the container. For example, a full cont... Read More »