What would happen if you called a pay phone?

Answer i've actually done it, it will keep ringing until you hang it up or someone picks it up

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What would happen if your mother's husband called you uncle?

Probably, you would correct him. It depends on why he does it, and how you feel about it. If they have a child of their own, he/she is your half-brother or half-sister, so you wouldn't be their un... Read More »

What would happen to my lawn mower if I would to use while it was raining?

Nothing really, grass tends to stick to the under-body of the mower when it is wet and this will in-turn slow the blade resulting in an unclean cut and a general loss of power.

What would happen if i did not have spyware protection on my pc how long would it take to get infected?

It depends on the person using the device.Novice:Couple of Weeks.Average User:Infected within 3 months or more, has his/hers knowledge of computers.Professional:About 7 months.Viruses and Malware c... Read More »

What would happen if you smoked Catnip Would you get high?

Well, for one if you smoked catnip, you would end climbing a tree with a ton of dogs under it after you, and while your up the tree, your gonna be licking yourself to death to clean your skin...LOL... Read More »