What is the force that keeps an object in orbit?

Answer Every object contains a gravitational field that exerts force on other objects. Massive bodies, such as planets, attract objects that revolve around them. Gravity and an object's sideways motion en... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Force of a Falling Object?

Measure the force of a falling object by the impact the object makes when it stops falling. Assuming the object falls at the rate of Earth's regular gravitational pull, you can determine the force ... Read More »

If am in the air force and have orders and am currently exempt from the 1 12 mile run and am due a pt test What will happen?

Does a midterm feedback AF form 931 need to be conducted in the air force And what can happen if a ratee is not given one?

No. As long as your performance is good, you keep up with your child support obligations etc, and you otherwise meet the criteria for re-enlistment, you should be able to re-enlist.

What Chinese aircraft collided with the US Navy EP 3 in the Hainan Island Incident in 2001?