What would happen if a women was developing triplets in her womb?

Answer your belly will grow as bigger than a single child

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Where is a women's womb located?

The uterus, or womb, is a pear-shaped organ located low in the pelvis behind the bladder. Unless you're pregnant or have a tumor it's not possible to actually feel it if you press on your abdomen. ... Read More »

What will happen if women use men's fairness cream?

girls may suffer from rashes and other skin issues,,if girsl use men fairness creams they must and shud consult dermatologist as soon as possible..

What will happen if all women stop wearing makeup?

there would be alot of ugly b*tches running around

What ages do heart attack happen women?

Earlier it was only the postmenopausal females who suffered from heart attacks. Now-a-days the problem is increasingly being seen in somewhat younger age group owing to lifestyle changes, escalati... Read More »