What would happen if a pregnant woman was attacked?

Answer That late it would. It be called a miscarriage, but a still birth. She would go into labor and deliver the baby. It's possible te baby would be survived. I think they would just have to monitor her... Read More »

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What would happen to a pregnant woman in a coma?

Very Interesting :] ***** 5 StarsThe Baby Can Survive They Just Have To Give The Mother A Tube Because The Mother Is Still Breathing x :]Hope I Helped.

What will happen if a pregnant woman swallows horse sperm?

Nothing. She will digest it just as she would any other food.

If you douche twice while pregnant what would happen?

Answer My doctor has informed me that douching anytime even when you are not pregnant is not good for you. It is something that women done a long time ago & mothers taught their daughters. There is... Read More »

What would happen if you play the guitar and your pregnant?

The baby will hear it, my baby moves alot when I have the music turned on and the laptop on my belly, everyone has told me its good for them and my mom did it with me (just she put headphones on he... Read More »