What would happen if I told my bank to stop making payments to virgin?

Answer To be honest you are really going the real stupid way over this.If your going to change your ISP, then you apply to that new ISP and they will handle the change over from Virgin.You don't need your... Read More »

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Is it posible to stop making the FAFSA payments now that I'm back at school?

Yes, you can stop payments if you fill out the paperwork for the deferment (or forebearance--the loan people will tell you which you are eligible for and the difference). Call the place you send t... Read More »

If you were moving into the city for a few years and do not need a car which you are still making payments on - can you drop the insurance policy and continue to make payments on the car?

Answer Typically, (depending upon your state) if you wish for a vehicle to NOT be insured any longer, you would need to turn in the license plate before being able to discontinue the insurance. B... Read More »

Does First Premier Bank have online payments?

Consumers who hold a checking account with First Premier Bank have access to personal online bill pay services. Consumers can set up individual bill payment or automatically have recurring payments... Read More »

If you foreclose on your condo will the bank come after you for payments?

if u live in a judicial state, the bank can come after you for the 2nd mortgage only. Fla is a judicial state, Va is notif the trustee (the person authorized to conduct the foreclosure) sells your ... Read More »