What would happen if you swallowed a spider?

Answer Assuming the spider is not poisonous, nothing will happen.

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What would happen if I swallowed a piece of glass?

could puncture the lining of your intestines or stomach. would not recommend due to your bowels spilling into your abdomen and causing infection that requires surgery.

Swallowed crest whitening strips what will happen?

You can go to their site they have a chat to an expert page set up there and you may be able to get better advice about it from them.…

I swallowed a BUBBLE GUM,what will happen to me,what should i do?

Nothing will happen to you, it will just pass through and come out the other end.

I accidently swallowed my mouthwash. What's going to happen to me?

my sister put mouth wash in my pepsi when I was about 12 (sister's ugg) I took a big swig of it.. yuck.. and swallowed it without realizing (thought they had a new pepsi flavor lol) Till she starte... Read More »