What would happen if I pulled my catheter out?

Answer You might get a infection a Drop dead

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What might happen if you are pulled over and found to have insurance that has run out?

%REPLIES% Answer If your issurance has run out and you are pulled over what happens can depend on your driving history. If your driving record is good the worse that may happen is you will be ticke... Read More »

Would you have catheter ablation for Afib after reading

Well I hate to say it after reading this but I had Afib and they did an ablation on me. Problem is that after I had it done my Afib seemed to worsen and my heart rate hit the sky. When I called 9... Read More »

What would happen to my lawn mower if I would to use while it was raining?

Nothing really, grass tends to stick to the under-body of the mower when it is wet and this will in-turn slow the blade resulting in an unclean cut and a general loss of power.

What would happen if i did not have spyware protection on my pc how long would it take to get infected?

It depends on the person using the device.Novice:Couple of Weeks.Average User:Infected within 3 months or more, has his/hers knowledge of computers.Professional:About 7 months.Viruses and Malware c... Read More »