What would happen if I pulled my catheter out?

Answer You might get a infection a Drop dead

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What might happen if you are pulled over and found to have insurance that has run out?

%REPLIES% Answer If your issurance has run out and you are pulled over what happens can depend on your driving history. If your driving record is good the worse that may happen is you will be ticke... Read More »

If a muscle is pulled, does that make it more susceptible to being pulled again?

I would say that unless you eliminate the cause of the original injury, you are likely to repeat it.dang, going postal, lol. get your mind out of the gutter, and back on the curb where it belongs, lol

Could a pulled my pulled muscle be permanent Or if not, what could I do to help it?

No, a pulled muscle cannot be permanent. You can go for physiotherapeutic treatment to help it.

What is a catheter and what is it used for?

There are several types of catheters but I'm assuming you mean urinary catheters. It is a device that is inserted through the urethra and into the bladder to empty the bladder of urine, (the urine ... Read More »