What would cause white smoke to come out of my TV?

Answer Ummmm, your TV is broken?!?! get it serviced.

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What Would Make White Smoke Come From a Motorcycle Exhaust?

If white smoke emanates from your motorcycle's exhaust system, you may need to visit an expert for repairs. The specific reasons for the smoke will differ based on the engine type, the age of the b... Read More »

What would cause white chalky deposits to come out of all of your faucets and is it harmful?

Answer Lime buildup in your water lines. No, it wont hurt you.

What Would Cause a Laptop to Smoke?

Your laptop computer is sealed at the factory and has very few moving parts. Why would a laptop suddenly begin to emit smoke? Regardless of the reason, you should not open the laptop or try to repa... Read More »

What would cause white spots to appear on fingernails?

In most cases, no. While there are many reasons for these white spots (called leukonychia), most of them are due to mild trauma -- such as hitting or slamming your fingernail on or into something -... Read More »