What would cause the hip muscle to become deformed in a 20 month old child?

Answer Extremely rare. Chances are almost nil.

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What would cause uncontrollable fever in a child?

There are many possibilities...pneumonia could be the cause. It's really hard to tell without going to the doctor, unless you are or someone you know is a doctor who can diagnose a child at the spo... Read More »

What would be the cause of me breaking out (swollen lips, skin rashes) for a month when eating certain foods?

Your thyroids could b a thought.your hormones can't b ruled out either.Get a secon opion.A complete blood exam.

What would cause uncontrolled fever spikes in a child?

Aids. That's your answer!! You need to read up on your history you silly person!!!!!!

What would happen if you replaced skeletal muscle with cardiac muscle?

Nothing, you will be more vulnerable to "HEART PROBLEM EVERYWHERE".