What would cause property taxes to go down?

Answer when property values go down

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Do property taxes go down if house value decreases?

No, property taxes don't drop automatically. Taxes are based on assessed value and can usually only be reduced through an appeal. In the June 1, 2010, issue of the AARP Bulletin, Kim Rueben noted, ... Read More »

What would cause company to have a big decrease in deferred income taxes on their annual report?

Deferred income taxes are generally a liability. More than likely, they accrued the taxes last period (recorded them on the books in advance of payment), and didn't pay them until this period, res... Read More »

What would cause a gas driven lawnmower to rev up and down(fast to slow) by itself?

that is a sure sign that the Governor on the carb. isn't functioning properly. Either it's dirty or the spring is shot.

Is a property owner liable to others if there is fire on the owned property and the automatic sprinklers activate and cause water damage to the property of others?

It depends on how the lease is written. You may be liable if the damage was done as a result of actions caused by the landlord, and as such the landlord is responsible for the sprinkler system. How... Read More »