What would cause lines on the leaves of a Columbine plant?

Answer These may be the marks left by leaf miners if they are white and just under the surface. The grub that causes the tunnel will be inside of it somewhere. You can hand squash them or spray with ready... Read More »

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Lines on tomato plant leaves?

Hello Ian,My name is Gardengail and I work for the home depot in the garden center.Those lines are called leaf miners, there are many organics that you can use to stop them, just make sure the labe... Read More »

What would cause the leaves of cucumber plants to be covered with white spots and to dry out?

Answer It sounds like a powdery mildew attack, to which cucumbers are very susceptible. This commonly occurs in plants that are aging, or during cool damp weather. One remedy is to spray the plan... Read More »

What would cause arched lines across the screen of a Sony projection TV?

Arched Lines on a TV This is 1 of 2 problems.1; Convergence(depending on the model of sony, the convergence ic's will have cold solder joints)2: vertical ic issues.If they are different colored lin... Read More »

What Would Cause the Leaves on a Young White Oak to Bulb Up & Turn Brown at the End of Every Year?

White oaks (Quercus alba) are found growing in mixed stands throughout the Midwestern United States and eastern North America where their range extends from Florida to Newfoundland. They also grow ... Read More »