What would cause cantaloupes to rot in the garden?

Answer Sometimes this happens when they are over-ripe, or during warm, damp weather from a variety of fungal diseases. Also, pests getting inside the plant can rot it - millipedes are one example. Blossom... Read More »

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Would you prefer to have a flower garden or a vegetable garden Why?

Vegetable garden is what my mind / intellect would prefer but a Flower garden is what my heart and soul want. Its aesthetically more beautiful to watch beds of roses than watching Pumpkins and bean... Read More »

If you knew chemo would cause you to lose your hair, would you wait for it to fall out or shave it first?

Trust me, radiation first off it no fun but I've manage to kind of turn it around. I got diagnosed with A.L.L on the 5th of Oct and soon afterwards, a tumor in my brain. Here's how I look at it, yo... Read More »

What would cause my....?

Have you been playing around with Mr.Rosie in there again?Edit-if you get a repairman, i hope he doesn't look like the one i had here the other day. Fat cracks are no fun.

What would you do if you found these in your garden!?