What would cause blisters on the tongue?

Answer Tongue blisters, while painful, can be a sign of virus, allergy or injury. Most blisters, depending on severity, heal on their own in about a week.HerpangiaAlso known as hand, foot, mouth disease, ... Read More »

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Why would you get tiny blisters on your tongue?

Blisters on Tongues A diagnosis of a condition at this distance would be dangerous no matter how There are a range of conditions which may cause spots or blisters on the tongue. It may be something... Read More »

Tonsillitis blisters on tongue?

Maybe she's allergic to the medication, but it could be as well that she is sleeping the disease out and after it the tonsillitis might be gone. If in doubt you might se the pediatrician again and ... Read More »

Why does your son have tiny blisters all over his tongue and what could it be?

Answer Take him to the doctor, it is impossible to diagnose things like this without seeing them.

Do you get blisters on your tongue when you burn it?

Answeryes... i just recently burnt my tongue (2 days ago) and now i have a blister on my toungue.SO YES>>>> you usually get a blister on your toungue if you burn it.