What would cause avocados to prematurely fall from the tree?

Answer There are a number of possible causes. * stress on the tree. Most commonly this is caused by over or under watering. * over-fertilizing with nitrogen during fruit set and early development. * la... Read More »

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Do Avocados Ripen on the Tree?

Avocados must reach full maturity before they are picked so that they soften to the best eating quality. Though the fruit is harvested when mature, it doesn't actually ripen until separated from th... Read More »

Why did Finny fall out of the tree?

The Apple Doesn't fall too far from the Tree!!?

My Mom and I as SO alike, in looks, interests, traits - everything! I'm so excited to have found her after all this time and finally see the familial traits the non-adopted take for granted refle... Read More »

When Do Black Walnuts Fall Off the Tree?

Black walnuts are used in ice cream, candy and commercial baking. The shells of the black walnut may be ground finely and used as an abrasive polish or added to well-drilling mud. A source of excel... Read More »