What would cause a red dot to show up on all my night photos?

Answer Could be a bad pixel on your sensor. If you take a picture in the dark and the red dot is still there, that is an indication of a bad pixel. JPEG format will smudge a single pixel making it more ob... Read More »

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What Would Cause Car Headlights to Appear Dim at Night?

Headlights are important safety features on a car, especially at night and in bad weather. A driver who notices his vehicle's headlights dimming may have one or more problems, which can include wor... Read More »

If the late night talk show host are trying to deceive and cover up blogable in 1 week what would be their goal would Alissa Milano help is her get off good for herself when 128 333 42 Hans Klok no?

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If Friday Night Lights had been cancelled after season 1, would it be the biggest cult TV show ever?

That's hard to say. CBS is notorious for having shows that people like and then cancelling them. The first one that came to mind was Jericho. When it was canceled, fans bombarded the CBS studios wi... Read More »

What Saturday night live alumni and future Oscar night host was jay leno's first guest when he took over the tonight show on may 25 1992?