What would cause a person's arm to not raise all the way up anymore?

Answer I recommend you see a physician right away, have an ex ray and if indicated an MRI. If you don't have insurance apply for Medicaid also. With your physical condition you might qualify. One shouldn... Read More »

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What if the mother lives in one state from the father and refuses to let him see the child and he has other persons calling him and telling him she is mentally unfit to raise the child?

Answer If you don't have joint custody then the only thing you can do is call Child Aid (or Child Welfare) and report this giving the names of the people telling you how unfit your wife is to raise... Read More »

How to Raise Money for a Good Cause?

You could help raise money to save animals in need.Have you ever had a friend with an animal at the point of death who didn't have the money to save their animal? Do you have any friends or relativ... Read More »

Why would a persons after having the hep b series done twice have no immunity for the hep b vaccination?

they don't protect against all viral diseases because unfortunately some diseases have an immunity to vaccines

If someone paid you $20 to knock on a strangers door and throw a cake in that persons face, would you do it?

depends... probably not but if i was feeling really mean and mad at the world and i had a quick get away and i was sure they would pay up then yes. unless it was a really big mean looking guy or a ... Read More »