What would be your recipe?

Answer Jack Daniels and sprem.

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If you wrote a recipe book, what would be the theme?

What is the easiest recipe for a well balanced meal A cassarole would work, but I mean really easy! Anyone?

You said easy, this one takes some non active cooking time but very little hands on time.Take a roasting pan, slice some small potatoes into quarters, slice some onions. Put some butter salt and pe... Read More »

If you were asked to start your own reality would it roll..what would your theme be..?

I once thought a reality show that gave away holidays of a lifetime to people who would never be able to afford it. Then they would critic the holiday. And call the show, wait for it.... Holiday of... Read More »

If you had glass in your foot how would your body fight it and what would happen?

Hi1- it would be painful2- inflammation, redness, possible discharge with the possibility of infection present3- over time the area could cover itself up if the glass was small enough, however it w... Read More »