How much would you sell a used but in good condition 2 year old ipod nano?

Answer 60 to 80 Dollars.

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What would be the current value on a 1981 Clemson championship coca cola bottle and the value in about 5 year?

Those bottles usually run anywhere between 10 and 20 dollars, unopened. An opened one will be in the 10 dollar range. If you search "1981 Clemson championship coca cola bottle" you'll find severa... Read More »

What is the value of 1-year-old 270 caliber Remington 700 bolt action with a Nikon 50x Buckmasters scope in excellent condition?

Answer The value always depends on what you can get for it but a set-up like that would have cost over $1,000.00 new. That of course is assuming that it was a quality gun purchased through a G... Read More »

How to Impress People with Guitar when You Aren't Very Good?

The guitar is a very cool instrument. In most social norms, if you are good at the guitar, you are respected. This article will show you how to impress people with the guitar, even if you aren't a ... Read More »

I need to donate TV, where can I donate it. I live in NY.TV specifics - HDTV 57", very good condition?

I would give it to a needy family or put it in the paper. A church would also be a good place to offer one. Schools would love one. The possibilities are endless. I would give to some one who will ... Read More »