What would be the signs of a broken leg?

Answer See the doctor as soon as possible. It's hard to tell but it very well could be fractured. Play it safe with this one.

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If someone has a broke neck, would they show signs What would be the signs?

The answer is not that simple. You can have many kinds of neck fractures as you can break the spinal processes, the bodies and the connections in different areas. You can also break the neck at a... Read More »

How would ik that my toe is broken ans what can i do if it is broken?

If you feel pain in your toe, then it might be injured. If you think you have a fractured toe, you need to wear a plaster and go to the Orthopedic doctor.

What are signs of a broken rib?

"You'll suffer pain, especially when taking a breath. Other symptoms are tenderness and shallow breathing. You may feel as though you have to hold your chest to relieve the pain. There may be bruis... Read More »

How would you fix a broken heart, I meant how would you move on after your heart has been broken by the?

The main goal is to occupy yourself, even by stuff you hate. As long as it doesn't bore you. Also, talk to people about it. It helps alot with getting over things. You can even hire a psychatrist i... Read More »