What would be the job discription of a 'Pre-Primary Coordinator'?

Answer I suggest that she goes to the school to look at the posting. If it is not clear often the Secretary will have a copy of the job description. Have your wife find out who to send the application to,... Read More »

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What is a facebook edit Read discription, You will see what I mean?

Edit just means a video edit (taking video clips (in this case of "the group" dancing) and editing them to make a video, it has nothing to do with facebook.

If divorced parents both carry insurance and father's is primary can the mother file hers as primary?

AnswerJust file and when the question asks about other coverage - answer it honestly. I see so many questions on this site about primary - secondary and don't understand all the confusion. Just fil... Read More »

My broker failed to canel my policy new primary in effect same Co Will not refund me Can I have two primary at the same time?

Depends on the rules and the policy provisions. Do you have proof you asked the broker to cancel the policy?

Can a person be primary driver of an auto and not primary on another that they have a loan on?

%DETAILS% Answer List your wife and daughter as primary drivers of the cars they regularly drive and occasional drivers of others. If the company finds that you have been lying to them when you ha... Read More »