What would be the effects on the multimedia application if sound were not used?

Answer no

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Explain sound and video in Multimedia application?

What year were sound effects added to slot machines?

Bally, then primarily a manufacturer of pinball machines, released the first slot machine with sound effects, the Money Honey, in 1964. The Money Honey also was the first multi-coin slot machine an... Read More »

I making a pivot video for youtube, were can i get sound effects?

Go to freesound.orgI used this website and I managed to get enough sound effects to supply a whole movie. You need to make a free account, but it really is not much trouble. Hope I helped,TerriblyE... Read More »

If girls aged 12-13 were to get the cervical cancer vaccine, what would the effects be on the future?

vaccines are for infectious diseases only... diseases that are caused either by certain species of bacteria or viruses. vaccines are not used in cancer prevention. in short, there is no such thin... Read More »