What would be the cause of a fit and healthy person to have dangerously high blood pressure?

Answer Hypertension (high blood pressure) is caused by chronic dehydration.In hypertension, 66% of water is lost from cells, 26% is lost from water volume held outside cells, and 8% is lost from water hel... Read More »

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Is blood pressure of 140/100 dangerously high?

I would call a doctor (or hospital). That seems like a pretty small pulse pressure (difference between systolic and diastolic) which could mean your heart is not able to relax completely. Pain co... Read More »

What is a dangerously high blood pressure?

A leading contributor to heart problems, high blood pressure is a common occurrence today. Working day in and day out under multiple forms of stress, many people develop high blood pressure (hypert... Read More »

What blood pressure would you consider dangerously high?

Normal Blood Pressure Readings•Blood pressure is considered to be in the normal range when its systolic pressure is below 120 and its diastolic pressure is less than 80. In other words, a blood p... Read More »

What is a dangerously low blood pressure?

Everyone's body is different; therefore what may be normal blood pressure for one may be high or low blood pressure for another. Some experts classify low blood pressure as readings lower than 60 d... Read More »