What would be the best way to backup all the media and docs on my hard drive?

Answer You can use the free Mozy to backup your personal data online securely. Is an install and forget software; it will keep the backup uptodate with no action.Use this link to get 2.25 Gb for free for ... Read More »

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How to Convert and Play the Dish Network for My Media Backup From the External Hard Drive?

A Dish Network satellite PVR (personal video recorder) receiver has an internal hard drive for storing videos recorded from satellite transmissions. An external USB hard drive, purchased from a com... Read More »

How to Make a Backup of Hard Drive to a Jump Drive?

Jump drives, often referred to as USB drives, use flash memory technology. These small devices plug into your computer's USB port and are typically used to store and transfer files to and from your... Read More »

How to backup Hard Drive?

1 - how old is the laptop and is it still under warranty? If it is, do not waste even a day getting in touch with HP because once the warranty runs out, it's too late to say that it broke LAST mon... Read More »

How to Backup a Hard Drive for Free?

Backing up your hard drive is an important safety precaution. It ensures your important data is available and secure in case your computer crashes. There are many costly backup options, such as pur... Read More »