What would be the best way for me to go to school?

Answer The best way to go to school is at a public forum and creating a petition that the government build a bill of rights computer program to employ citizens at one hundred dollar an hour wages or more ... Read More »

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Would roses survive in a school locker without water for 17 hours or would they shrivel?

wrap the stems in wet paper towel and then put tin foil over it, or you can put them is a vase. They also make little vile things to put on the stem that you put water into.

How Would Lengthening the School Day Interfere With After-School Activities?

Controversy has arisen over the possibility of lengthening the school day in order to close a perceived achievement gap. In other parts of the world, students graduate with the equivalent of two to... Read More »

If R&P was a school, what kind of student would you be?

I'd be that girl that sits in the back of class, carving stuff into the desk with her pencil and fights with the teachers over political opinions.

What would happen if the school found out...?

This question would probably best be served in an other catagory. Like others have said it depends on the schools policies, it could be as little as a "don't do that again" to something like a susp... Read More »